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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  May 16, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. we begin in india, where official results have just been announced and they here to hand a conclusive victory, as expected, to the opposition leader. it is the first outright majority in indian politics in 30 years. make theed to 21st-century india's century. the 63-year-old campaign hinged on promises to turn the country's ailing economy around. it appears that struck a chord with voters and it delivered him and his party the strongest mandate of any indian government in decades. >> a torrent of saffron colored lotus flowers. the world's biggest democracy has chosen new leaders and
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spontaneous street parties like this one in new delhi are taking place across the country. partial result shows the bjp has won a landslide after campaigning on a ticket to boost economic growth. >> today, in the history of 60 years of indian democracy, you have created a new record. >> the scene was less joyful at the congress party headquarters. in gandhi family has been power all but 13 years since independence. this was its worst ever result. >> we have done pretty badly. there is a lot for us to think about. party told advise the hold myself responsible. >> the congress pretty chief wind the hindu nationalist against dividing the majority
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hindu population and the 138 million muslims. the new federal government will not compromise india's social unity and the country's interest. >> mode he also triumphed over the common man party, known for their matching whitecaps. the anticorruption leader failed to repeat last year's success local new delhi elections. the prime minister in waiting is said to lead the first majority government in 30 years. news, policeorld in turkey used water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas this friday to disperse thousands of protesters in a town to the west of the country. here, close to 200 84 mineworkers died earlier on in the week. country's worst
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industrial accident. there was a strong sense of anger and accusations that mine owners put profitability ahead of worker safety. that anger has spread throughout the town. we are in northern turkey with the latest. >> about 1000 people converged on the town hall. the police drove them back with and tear gas. eventually they congregated in the central square of the town, which is marked by a statue of two miners. they huddled around in little groups around the streetcar. little groups making a speech, and then everybody clapping. it was like hyde park corner. a common theme of their speeches the mine management's denial of culpability is alive. >> we heard the mine owners speaking and they say the claims that they put rough at ability ahead of worker safety is simply
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not true. how is that going down with -- there?re you go >> >> it is just not believed. saidine owners basically two things. one, they don't know the exact cause of the accident. secondly, they said there was no negligence on their part. they said they suspect what happened was that a disused coal seam heated up and ignited, and discharging gas into the mine. what accelerated that was that the accident happened very close to event where fresh air is pumped into the mine under pressure. this pump fueled the fire and pushed the air and poisonous gasses right through the mine. gasver, they say they have sensors. they also have cameras to pick up smoke. ist they can't understand
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why these detection systems didn't tell them what was going on until it was too late on tuesday afternoon. now, the mine owners sounded sincere in this press conference. they did not pledge their answers, but there was one big contradiction in what they were saying. exacty'd don't know the cause of the accident, then they cannot claim there was no negligence on their part. >> at least 10 people have been killed in a dozens more injured following a terror attack in the kenyan capital. to blast struck a marketplace in downtown nairobi in the latest of what has been a wave of unrest lamed on militants. the u.s. and british embassies travel alerts, warning of an increased threat inside kenya. >> a flood of trauma arrived at nairobi's national hospital.
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left scenes of death and instruction in their wake. among the casualties, city dwellers visiting a bitty market -- busy market where one last hit. exploded atminivan the same time. >> i heard a blast. i thought it was a tire blast. when i got there, there was a second one. i have helped more than 16 people so far. >> the blasts are the latest in a stream of terror attacks. the most rheumatic of which was the al qaeda linked group deadly attack on -- most dramatic of --ch was the al qaeda league linked group last year. more than a dozen people have been killed in attacks over the past 18 months according to the embassy.
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nationals were urged to leave the country, a blow to the kenyan tourist industry and a move that according to the president plays right into the plans of the terrorists. >> i urge my fellow citizens to join us and to ensure that we root this out from our mists schmidt -- from our midst i urge all people of kenya to fight and combat to defeat this evil. likes kenyan authorities have been engaged in an operation to crack down on suspected should bob supporters in nairobi. >> now, the body of the french photojournalist killed in the central african republic on tuesday was repatriated to france this friday. he died in a shootout between rival militia and the rest of
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the country. she had been covering sectarian violence and its impact on civilians. her body has been taken to a parisian morgue for autopsy. an official investigation has been opened to her death. 16 world powers have continued talks, but according to sources, hit a hurdle. the representative from the ron described them as slow and complicated. -- iran described them as slow and calm potato. for more, we speak to john cummins, who is in vienna. us more about what this latest hurdle is, this of theive progress talks. >> the hurdle is what it has always been which is very much the issue of uranium enrichment.
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iran says it wants to build around 100 thousand center fugitives, the machines that enrich uranium. them for theeds nuclear program, nuclear energy. u.s. is concerned that iran may use these machines to make fuel for nuclear weapons. sides areow, both trying to jockey for position a little bit. the u.s. is trying to put iranians,n iran and for their part, are trying to do the same thing. it is difficult to sell -- to tell at this stage if it is a serious setback or just a ploy from both sides. >> the goal was to come up with a definitive deal by late july. i am wondering now, with this
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latest roadblock, if that is going to happen. i assume that is the question everyone is asking this evening. >> it is. these talks were meant to resume in june, but there has been no date set yet. deadline, and the two sides were meant to start writing down in drafting the final agreement at these talks in vienna. doy have not even begun to that. at the moment, it looks like it might be difficult to keep the timeline they have set for themselves. >> thank you very much indeed for that update. warning ofnations is what it calls an alarming deterioration of human rights in eastern ukraine after an armed insurgency by pro-russian separatist. of particular concern were cases
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of targeted killing, torture, beating, abduction, and intimidation. all carried out by groups inside the country. >> attacked, kidnapped, tortured, killed. this premium lawmaker is one of the victims of human rights violations in eastern ukraine. shows himur footage arguing with a dozen pro-russian protesters outside of city hall. the men get aggressive. last month, his body was found in a river. issued thisort friday says that like him, dozens of people have been killed in eastern ukraine. >> we are talking about issues that have to do with intimidation, harassment. abduction. detention. killings. torture. is those in control of
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the groups. >> political activists and local politicians are the main targets. crimea was annexed by russia in march. they face numerous problems. the freedom of movement of their leaders, physical harassment, restrictions on their media, fears of religious persecution. according to moscow, the report is biased and politically motivated. insurgents alone of tearing the country apart. the court says the documents goal is to clear the name of the key of authorities. obama hasnt barack made numerous calls for the national minimum wage to be increased in the united states, but beating him to it, union leaders representing fast food workers have been getting
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organized not just in the united states but across the globe. >> $15 and a union. that is the goal of striking fast food workers across the united states. organizers say companies like me donald's and burger king -- like mcdonald's and burger king make huge profits by playing workers -- paying workers a pittance. --a are fed up with irritant with irregular hours, with being disrespected on the job. we are starting to fight the industry on an international level. >> the movement has built momentum, spreading to other countries. on social media show workers demonstrating in ireland, korea and brazil. in the u.s., the demonstrations, the time when the president is pushing congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 from $7.25. -- up
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>> we need to keep striking because it is the only thing that has been working. as you can see, we are worldwide now. >> burger king and mcdonald's, restaurant biggest chains by revenue, have defended their treatment of employees, saying they fay best they pay fair wages. top reminder of our stories. unofficial results just into us and the bjp party has a conclusive victory in india. in turkey, thousands take to the streets following a deadly accident in a mine in which 282 people lost their lives. hitting a major hurdle, officials on both sides of talks in vienna between world powers and iran have made no tangible rugrats.
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-- tangible progress. time now for business. marcus carlson joins me. with election results of india and the economic implications of what it means to have this new prime minister. has pledged to work for more prosperous country. he spoke after a resounding victory, as you have been reporting. campaign ont his promises to revive the economy after lackluster growth in recent years. markets have given him a stamp of approval with indian stocks rising on friday. for more on his economic program, i spoke to the economic -- intelligence unit in london. >> he has a massive task in front of him. under taking any kind of serious
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structural reforms, he definitely has a mandate for him, but if use going to have the political will to push through things like labor reform or tax reform, both of which are sorely needed, that is something we will need to see. in terms of economic reform, we will see his budget as soon as he has appointed a finance minister. >> where is he as far as opening up to foreign investors. is the bjp more or less enthusiastic than the now former ruling congressional party. i think the bjp has been considered more pro-business. if you look at the last two elections, there is not much you can use to differentiate them. in terms of foreign investment in particular, he has said that , but not inlcome it the area of multibrand retail, which is something investors have been looking to.
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that is something he is not becauseto press on with his base is a large number of mom-and-pop shop owners who would be very opposed to the move. will continue opening up to foreign investors, which started under the congress. >> moving on, french stocks rallied during friday's trading. shares rose almost 4.5%. they are considering a the telecombetween unit and rifle. the two are in talks. the telecom has been struggling with half it ability and cutting prices to tackle tough -- withion in profitability, and cutting prices to tackle tough competition in the market.
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warays the continuing price will undermine investment. >> with fewer operators, we do invest inhe means to high-speed broadband for all french people. that will cost us. >> sharp drops earlier in the week. we are seeing the u.s. markets turning positive this hour. the u.s. instruction market is expanding at its quickest pace in six months according to the commerce department. let's talk you through the european close earlier. mostly higher except for the franco? down a quarter of a percent. let's talk you through some of the companies. u.s. officials are ordering general motors to pay a penalty after gm delayed recall in cars
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with faulty ignition switches. the carmaker has admitted there was a problem years before they issued a recall back in february. the problem has been linked to deaths. the penalty is the maximum possible. is a u.s. tax evasion probe into credit suisse. could plead guilty and pay around two $.5 million as early as next week. business for now. we will be back in an hour. >> thank you very much indeed, marcus. the 67th edition of the cannes film festival is in full swing. let's check on the goings-on on the french riviera. our special program begins right now.
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>> every year it can we see plenty of news covered. we see favorites many years in a row. welcome, hello. once again back it can. what is it like? >> it is frightening, exciting films that nobody saw. that's the amazing thing about -- festivals, especially con can, because nobody saw the film. we just finished it. >> you have been here as an actor and a director. this year you are acting and directing. it's eradication of a thriller. of a-- it's an adaptation
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thriller. tell us about it. >> we understand very quickly that the man has been arrested. somebody has been killed, but you don't know who, you don't know why. you don't know why he has been arrested. you feel there is a certain obsession between this man and .his woman, this adultery they are seen eight times in this room over 11 months. that's all you know what the beginning. >> it is quite a sexy thriller because it is it about an adulterous couple. >> it is not about love. that about this miracle falls upon us sometimes makes
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the chemistry between two bodies , andat nothing else exists you just get lost in that. >> your costar in the film is your partner in real life. >> yes. >> does that help when you are making such an intimate film with a very intimate scenes? >> she adapts novels for the stage. we would start to do it and then, with the words, because we did not change the words, i that's the description
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of this woman. she has dark hair. she is taller than he is. and there's something about her that you can't read. you don't know what she thinks. she drives this man crazy. it's funny, after nine years of living together, to have this sort of game. >> and the novel was written by george simon, who is incredibly well-known around the world. why did you choose this particular book? where i stole it from. everybody when it gets to the , you get to the house, you go to the toilet, and you start reading it, you can't stop.
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i knew him for years and he told me, why don't you want to shoot the film in three weeks? i searched for a very short novel, and it was this one. >> i have heard that you're all in making an adaptation of a heavyweight of french literature. are you building up to that? knows what will happen. happen?nows what will there is a long scene at the end it becomesild, and unsure at the end. that is why the care her his name -- that is why the character is named julie on. you work in english-language
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cinema quite consistency. we cite even james bond and the grand put it best hotel. currently, you are in another film. >> doing another -- not a french ambassador, but an ambassador of roman empire. he was very close to the queen. anymore,t the queen and there is a moment where he falls in love with her. work with a range of directors and the range of genres. the other end of the scale entirely, isn't it? explosions, cgi. what attracts you to the projects that you choose? >> i'm like a kid. acting, characters are very plain to play.
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he asked me to do the french voice for mr. foxgg99ññwççñmw?
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